Update, bitches.

2012-02-08 19:33:47 by sgt-pepper

Oh, wow. It appears it's been five months since I last made a post. Oh ma gods.

Okay, so I finally got Flash; be expecting some actual Flash soon, not that crap I submitted a few months ago. I'm making a short game for ma programming class, and I'm still deciding if I should bother submitting it here or not.

Oh, and, to be honest, I do nothing on this account here. It was only made so I could have favorites and write reviews. So until I make some actual Flash, go here, just so you know I'm not worthless. http://ragnaul.deviantart.com/

And now have the animation I made a few months ago.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTIncjmOI-E&featu re=plcp&context=C341fda0UDOEgsToPDskI5B2bNYwfELo DXYR3WJvSS

Update, bitches.


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2012-02-08 21:11:11

yo, are you pepper clock from CC?
contact me/PM me.

sup, yo?

nice art...
post on my news-page, brother

sgt-pepper responds:

Naw; I'm not into CC by any means. I'm just some random nerd. :3

Anyways, thanks! I'll be sure to comment.