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Love to see a good ol'-fashioned fight animation... it's a return to the good old days of NG, except with better sprites! Did you create all of the sprites yourself?

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

Thank you sir! :D! I didn't make any of those sprites, they're from their own official games respectively.
I did however make the background and logo's

Beautifully done. I love that Newgrounds has become a place where people can explore deeper themes and sentiment.

I only have one question... why did you choose not to give any of the characters eyes? Was it stylistic choice or is there a specific reason?

MisterChris responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

I felt like not adding eyes was a stylistic choice. With them not having eyes, it brings more ambiguity to the characters, making their persona not set and stone. Sort of like, "Hey, this can happen to anyone" sort of deal.

A great show of the only asepct of Pokemon I ever found interesting. Though it was meant to be funny, it still represents evolution in a more real sense: the circle of life.

It makes you wonder if the trauma induced by a lightning shock could empower a creature as such as opposed to just killing it off. With the rapidly-changing world climate and deforestation of today, species will eventually need to adapt or otherwise go extinct. Who knows... maybe one day there WILL be organisms that harness the power of specific elements to survive.

Food for thought, and entertaining to watch.


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About primary colors...

The three primary colors are red, blue, and YELLOW, not red, blue and green. While the latter set is additive, as in the colors add up to white, red, yellow and blue are the true primary colors. In fact, yellow and blue combined makes green.

That said, I liked the game. A good way to learn about mixing colors. One of those games that's simple, yet fun.

JernoBill responds:

In additive colormixing the primary colors are RGB.
It always depents on the mixingmethod.

But nice to see, that you enjoed the game! :)


These things are amazing! Proportions are nice, shading is good, perspective is great, and detail and imagination are phenomenal! This is truly the coolest manga/machine artwork I've ever seen! 5/5 10/10.


a really cool idea. It's nice people are supporting the Japan earthquake, even here in Newgrounds.

By the way, f**k the guy below me.

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Love this sooo much; it's nostalgic in a good way. Reminds me of sunny spring days at the playground at my old school, when the light breeze would would stir up the trees and the sky would be a rich blue.

The light guitar and casual percussion are nice touches. ^_^

Could I possibly use this in an animation of mine in the future?

Jade-the-X9ian responds:

Oh my gosh I didn't notice your comment I'm so sorry!!! >_<" But sure, feel free to use my audios! ^_^

Guitar is epic; Metallica-esque, in my opinion.

Cool song. I love seeing more variety in your stuff as far as structure, instruments and sounds, and overall moods. It really makes your stuff more enjoyable to listen to as a whole. :D

Love the beat and increased complexity. The inclusion of the flute and such really made it worthwhile, though I think there should be more of a buildup-- a little more intensity.

But as always, your stuff is getting better!

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Great portrait-- can't quite tell if it's supposed to be a tribute or a mockery, though... his expression is a little goofy.

The one to the left is my favorite. The slumped back and overall droopy curve are more indicative of a personality than the more neutral version on the right.

Oh, I almost forgot about that! It as been a while...

...That flash was so fucked up.

...But so funny.

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